Mango From Budem – 4.5/10


  • sweet & fruity
  • kind of tickles the nose
  • earthy spicy pine
  • somewhat like fermented fruit or wine
  • touch of white glue
  • bit of hay/straw


  • manicure could be better – some small leaves here & there
  • somewhat fluffy buds have lots of orange/brown hairs
  • bud has an overall brownish hue to it
  • some sparkle but trichomes are mostly muted
  • mildly sticky
  • found a few brown leaves
  • micro or proto seeds found – similar in appearance to the Lemon Haze

Proto Seeds ?


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up a little chunky – chunks left in grinder
  • noticed the little seed things when busted up
  • rolled OK -no issues aside from trying to pick those seeds out
  • has a light grey ash w/ soft texture


  • fresh & earthy
  • has a nice earthy citrus/pine taste
  • getting some wood or cedar
  • white glue
  • a little bit of a mildewy flavour


  • almost feels like I smoked myself sober
  • definitely a buzz going on but really minimal
  • it does seem to affect vision – feels like enhanced or surreal vision
  • don’t feel wrecked at all – more energized & ready to go
  • very minimal high – not really bad though

Lighter Grey Ash – Soft Texture

Reviewed June 14, 2020

Mango brings a lot to the table with THC levels that can vary, so depending on what you’re looking for, you have some options. Average content hovers around 20%, although it has been found as low as 15% and as high as 24%. Buds can get huge, with various shades of yellow, purple, and green throughout. It has a nice and sweet mango scent that is accented with earthy herbal notes and tastes incredible. Imagine lemon cream, sour mango, and earth all blending into one amazing flavor!

This strain acts as a bit of a sneaky one, with a slight high that makes you feel calm and joyous. As you continue through your journey, you’ll end up with a growing sense of energy and a happy attitude that allows you to be creative. Many users notice a body high associated with Mango and primarily note feelings of warm tingles. Although a lot of strains can tend to make you a bit hungry, Mango will likely make you ravenous, so stock up on the snacks beforehand!

The positive vibes that come from Mango are what make it such an effective choice for individuals who struggle with stress and depression. Pain management isn’t beyond its reach either, as it can tend to have a numbing effect on the body at times. When smoked in larger doses, Mango can also have a rather sedating effect, making it a good choice for insomniacs.

There’s just something about a strain with a deep lineage that makes you wonder who got high off of it decades ago, and Mango is no exception. Great for smokers who love a strong fruity vibe or for those who need a bit of extra calming energy, you’ll want to keep this one around.

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