Cali Bubba From Buy My Bud – 7/10


  • pine & dust
  • very piney
  • has an astringent kush type smell
  • musty & dusty – almost makes you cough from a deep inhale
  • touch of hay/straw


  • well manicured – look machined
  • tight dense & hard buds
  • even mix of light & dark green but trichomes are just crusted all over giving it a whitish appearance
  • very small & minimal orange/brown hairs
  • sparkled on inside when broken open
  • relatively sticky


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up fairly chunky – did not want to grind being so hard & dense & kind of sticky
  • left big chunks of bud in the grinder
  • rolled really easily – nice & tight – very compact roll
  • ash is medium grey – has darker outside & a bit firm until poked

Medium Grey Ash – Darker Outside – Firm Until Poked


  • pine
  • green vegetables
  • oakey/whisky barrel
  • apples
  • somewhat metallic
  • has a creamy & nutty vanilla aftertaste


  • finished the joint & not really feeling anything
  • couple minutes in & feeling it in the head – top of the head
  • has a little bit of a chesty feeling – each breath reminds you that you just smoked one
  • really just seems to be a medium-low buzz – not really feeling much
  • not getting any extra energy boost, no couch-lock
  • the little bit of a high that you get does last over 2hrs but not really worth writing home about
  • LOL @ this being listed as a quad – maybe quad looks but the buzz is like A-

Reviewed June 16, 2020 buy my bud, flower, reviews

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