Mendo Breath From Just Cannabis – 9/10


  • weird spice
  • earthy
  • cooked chicken
  • has some kush smell
  • sort of a glue smell
  • bit of grease/petroleum product
  • some oak – like whiskey barrel undertones
  • almost tickles the throat on a deep inhale
  • smells really funky & complex – similar to the Mendo Breath from BMC
  • strong gassy smell when busted up


  • fairly dense & tight buds
  • sparkly w/ trichomes
  • manicure is alright but there’s a few small leaves here & there
  • mostly lighter/medium green w/ some darker green spots & orange/brown stigmas
  • buds have some springiness to them
  • mildly sticky


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up nicely & smells gassy AF
  • fairly large amount of crystal left in the grinder
  • rolled incredibly easily – just formed itself into a neat tube of weed w/ no effort
  • ash is medium dark grey w/ relatively fine texture


  • earthy
  • bitter pine/wood
  • somewhat astringent
  • hints of sweetness
  • some chlorophyll
  • outdoor forest fresh kind of taste
  • has a touch of harshness but not too bad
  • alfalfa sprout aftertaste


  • hit me about 1/4 of the way into the J
  • head feels floaty
  • can feel it in my whole body
  • seems to alleviate pain fairly effectively
  • have a weird sort of in-between feeling of couch-lock & energy effect – like I want to sit & zone out but have bouncy/restless legs type of chill

Medium Dark Grey Ash – Relatively Soft Texture

Reviewed June 10, 2020 dank, flower, just cannabis, reviews

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