Champagne Kush From The Gentle Herb – 8/10


  • sour & fruity
  • old & musty
  • has a new plastic sort of smell – like new cheap sneakers from wal-mart
  • some earthiness – almost like a watermelon rind
  • pine – a nice honest somewhat sappy pine


  • decently manicured
  • hard & fairly tight/dense buds
  • has an overall golden brown colour profile
  • somewhat intense “camouflage” type colouring to it
  • hints of purple
  • a bit on the dryer side
  • trichomes have a matte appearance – no sparkle


  • RAW single wide w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up to a nice looking pile but lots of powder mixed w/ busted weed
  • a little more than average crystal left in grinder
  • a bit difficult to roll due to dryness – would be great in a bowl
  • ash is lighter grey & very soft textured

Nice Looking Pile Is Relatively Dry & Hard To Roll


  • leafy & green on the first hit
  • mildly sweet
  • a clean pleasant taste
  • somewhat of a new car smell flavour
  • piney/cedary
  • earthy like a root vegetable or potato peel
  • has a great taste all the way through – no weird bitterness or harshness at all – not even a bit


  • started feeling it a few puffs before finishing the J
  • seems like a pretty decent head buzz
  • helping to alleviate pain
  • feels like my eyes are sweating … ? – not hot or humid at all so …. not sure about this
  • has a nice chesty feeling
  • lasts well over an hour

Lighter Grey Ash Is Very Soft

Reviewed June 9, 2020 flower, reviews, the gentle herb

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