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ZigZag Hash – The High Club

This is a gram of hash that came as a “FREE Gift” with a purchase through The High Club

ZigZag Hash From The High Club – 6.5/10


  • somewhat musty & spicy
  • has a bit of a barn type scent
  • black pepper
  • stale -but potent- old weed smell


  • small rounded/tube shaped chunk
  • looks like it was hand broken off and rolled a little bit before bagging
  • mostly an even darker brown colour but has some lighter brown spots
  • malleable & fairly putty-like
  • ash is medium grey & firm when poked – does break down to fine powder w/ enough poking

Ready To Fire In The Glass Hash Pipe w/ Ceramic Button Filter


  • this was tested using a glass hash pipe w/ ceramic button filter – no rolling required


  • soapy & bushy – like soapberries
  • has a pronounced earthiness to it
  • stale taste – sort of like the smell
  • slightly mushroomy


  • chill – head buzz
  • relaxed & feeling pretty good
  • nice mellow cerebral high
  • very slight surreal vision
  • starts to fade around the 30min mark – very short lived

Reviewed June 8, 2020

Imported from Lebanon, Zig Zag Hash is a premium and fine hash that is processed adhering to cultural methods and standards to ensure a high-grade and authentic product every time. What makes Zig Zag Hash or Lebanese hash in general so special is the amount time the hashish spends curing and its brown, almost reddish hue.

The High Club Website

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