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Genius/Health Stone (dabstone)

Genius/Health Dab Stone – Awesome Cost Effective Way To Smoke Concentrates

Genius/Health Stone (dabstone)

I found out about this product while browsing online and thought it sounded like it was at least worth trying

The product is a porous ceramic rock that’s used industrially to slag off molten metal impurities. Someone had the genius idea to cut this stuff into little stones and use them in a pipe for smoking oils and other concentrates

Essentially you can turn your already owned bong or pipe – yes hand pipe – into a dab rig. All with this one little stone

HealthStone is one brand that makes custom glass pipes and bongs with these stones in them for a very high price tag

Another option is the Genius Pipe which can accommodate this stone but I believe the stone is sold separately

I purchased this stone at a local head shop and it was labeled as a Genius Stone so the size and cut are for the Genius pipe however I don’t own -and don’t want- a Genius pipe so I purchased the stone by itself

Dab Stone

It’s incredibly simple to use:

1: smear your concentrate on the stone
2: put the stone in your bowl concentrate side up
3: smoke like a regular bowl with normal lighter

Not A Perfect Fit But Works Amazingly Well

The stone gets red hot while using it and somehow cools down so fast that I was able to pick the stone up out of the bowl immediately after puffing -with my bare fingers- and smear another dab onto it

I would recommend not putting the stone in a dirty bowl because it would probably clog the pores with bowl resin

I tried smearing oil directly from a Patron dispenser onto the dab stone however it resulted in scratching the plastic tip of the Patron dispenser which I don’t like – so avoid using plastic anywhere near this stone

When I smear concentrates on the stone with a spreader or any other metal tool, I’ve noticed small chunks of the stone break/flake off and get stuck on the tool that I’m using

It appears to be fairly fragile & since there are some possible small pieces that can break off, I would personally recommend using this through a water filtered device – or consider putting a screen underneath it in a pipe

Grit From The Stone

This product was reviewed over several days in May & June 2020

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