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Bio Stix Glass “One Hitter”

Bio Stix Glass “One Hitter”

I received Bio Stix from a couple different MoM sites via the welcome packages or bundles

Only one Bio Stix was kept for the purposes of review and I’m not sure which MoM this one specifically came from – the rest were given away

This product is literally just a glass tube to smoke bud through – I believe it’s supposed to be borosilicate glass but I’m not going to put it to the test

There is a small spot where the glass narrows to act as block/catch for your smoking material however its a fairly large hole so it’s recommended that material be packed fairly tight to avoid inhaling plant matter or ash or flaming bits

I call this a “one hitter” because you’d be hard pressed to smoke the entire contents of the chamber in a single hit – generally I get about 4-6 puffs off one packing – however that brings up one downside to this thing:

It doesn’t like to stay cherried & requires frequent re-lighting which makes the last few puffs taste horrible

Slightly Longer Than A Large Bic Lighter

It might be possible to insert a smaller glass screen or even a metal screen near the narrowing bit however you’re going to end up with a clogged stick a lot more often and when poking around to unclog, you’ll inevitably push some crud past the screen and it will end up in your mouth

The best way to use this is experiment with packing the bud tightly;

Tight and you’ll be fighting for a hit which will end up with you sucking too hard and all the plant matter in your throat

Loose and you’ll end up with flaming hot ash and plant matter in your throat off the first couple of hits

Packed & Ready To Go

I’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier to pack the “bowl” of this Bio Stix if you use something like a little jar or shot glass filled with busted up pot and sort of “stab & twist” the one hitter into the bud

It’s definitely possible to putz around trying to jam in some plant matter with your fingers but they’ll get sticky, smelly & gross and it will take longer and not reach the same level of tightness that the stab & twist method achieves

When I take this out and about with me, I keep the Bio Stix in a plastic doob tube and keep a small glass screw top vial with some ground up bud in it – very convenient & fairly discrete

Ready To Head Out Somewhere

Bio Stix get incredibly filthy very very fast

Fortunately they are simply a glass tube – incredibly easy to clean

I found that BrightBay Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners work unbelievably well and destroy any last remnant of resin – a little 99% iso goes a long way as well

These things also make amazing Dutch Tulip Stems!!

This product was reviewed over several days in May & June 2020

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