Thunder Joint From Buy My Bud – 7/10


  • peachy
  • sort of spicy & alcoholic – like bay rum cologne
  • very earthy when held up to the nose


  • this is using a RAW pre-rolled coner
  • comes in a coner doob tube w/ child safety top that really sucks
  • no label or markings of any kind – unsure of strain
  • super flat top – pictures on BMB site show standard bulb end joint
  • kief has a lot of bigger chunks of cannabis plant matter but coating seems solid
  • there seems to be a giant glob of oil partially covering the filter
  • kief & oil should never extend down to the filter let alone go past it – this is a waste

Big Ol Glob Of Oil Partially Covering The Filter


  • this was a pre-roll
  • it had air pockets that caused the joint to “breathe” as it was being smoked

BMB’s Website Shows Bulbous Ends But This One Was Flat & Caved In


  • fruity like an apple
  • standard weed taste – nothing sticking out at all
  • burns incredibly slow & very very difficult to get a haul on
  • only taste that stands out is apple/peachy fruit taste – it is not a flavoured paper but not getting much of anything else
  • no pine, gas, skunk, citrus etc.


  • cerebral AF
  • feeling like I could just sit & zone out
  • right up in the forehead fuzzin around
  • medium chesty feeling
  • took a bit for it to come on – somewhat of a creeper
  • very hard to get hits from the joint – it had air pockets and “breathed” as it was being puffed – wasn’t sure I’d get high at all

Whiter Somewhat Solid Ash

Reviewed June 4, 2020

What is in a Thunder Joint?

1 gram of premium cannabis rolled in a Raw Cone
Coated with 98.99% THC distillate
Coated in THC premium kief

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