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Glass Doob Tube – MailBox Marijuana

Glass Doob Tube From Mailbox Marijuana

This was a “Free Gift” from Mailbox Marijuana

This sells for only $4 on their site if you would like to purchase one, but it is also included in their new pre-rolls and for a limited time it was being included in any sized order that was placed.

I received mine empty as a free gift with an order.

Larger Than A Standard Doob Tube

The size of this tube is really nice & having a cork top means that the opening is not narrowed like a threaded top would be.

It can easily fit two decent sized joints without any issues.

It Also Fits Blunts

A while back I rolled a large Blunder Thunt Coner for a friend and the tube that he brought over wouldn’t fit my finished product.

You would not have that issue with this glass tube from MBM

Looks Pretty Outside

I’m not sure if this tube is made of borosilicate glass – I sincerely doubt it.

That means you’ll want to take precautions like you would with any fragile glass object.

MBM mails their packages in bubble mailers with no box to protect the contents – when this arrived, it was floating loose inside the bag with absolutely nothing protecting it.

I’m shocked that it survived the week long postal trip – however that does lend credence to its durability.

Corks Can Be Moistened To Keep A Joint From Drying Out

Reviewed June 2, 2020

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