High Hemp Organic Wraps – Use Them When You Want A Blunt

These are effectively blunt wraps made from hemp & who knows what else.

They are nearly identical to the old tobacco blunt wraps that were available back in the day, only these are organic hemp – zero tobacco.

For anyone unfamiliar, it’s basically a chopped, preformed thick sheet of rolling material that holds more bud than an average rolling paper & burns slowly like a cigar.

A lot of people use tobacco based blunt wraps because the combination of tobacco and cannabis can be fairly potent & the taste is much different.

Blunts are also commonly smoked in large groups and not usually as a one person thing.

I don’t normally roll blunts, but I had some wraps so I did this review.

This review specifically refers to the Banana Goo flavour, however I did have plain as well – just didn’t take notes when using the plain one.


  • smells like banana tea
  • wheaty
  • similar to a banana nut muffin

Rear Of Package


  • nice enough packaging – warning labels etc.
  • 2 wraps and 2 pre-rolled filter tips to a package
  • brown like a blunt wrap
  • each one is rolled around a cardboard tube to ensure it’s not crushed or torn
  • dry but not crumbly – just enough moisture to roll

Rolled Around A Tube


  • rolled OK
  • rolling blunts is much trickier than joints but this was easy to work with
  • pre-rolled filter tip is way too small.. do they expect users to roll pinners??
  • ash is decent – lighter grey coloured & looks like a cigar

Filling It Up


  • rolled w/ purple pinecone, cactus breath hash #2, & kief
  • the wrap is sweet on the lips
  • first puff was extremely bitter – lots of wrap material in first puff
  • aside from the sweetness on the lips, doesn’t seem to add much to the taste of the weed
  • burns slow & long which is really nice & kind of the point..

All Rolled Up


  • these wraps will not get you high by themselves because there is no THC – it depends what you put inside

Burns Nice & Slow

Reviewed June 2, 2020

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