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Notorious Hash – Budem

This is a gram of hash that came as a “FREE Gift” with a purchase through Budem.

Notorious Hash from Budem – 7.5/10


  • tobacco
  • chocolate & caramel
  • musty spice
  • smells really similar to kush kief
  • somewhat mildewy smelling
  • really nice spice when broken open

Strong Spice Smell When Broken Open


  • single solid square cut chunk of hash
  • greenish under direct LED light – w/ some oxidized darker green -almost black areas
  • looks black/reddish under natural light sources
  • some small white specks – just on the surface & brushed off
  • fairly malleable & putty

Square Cut Hash


  • none – a pipe was used

Ready To Blaze


  • tastes like tractor exhaust
  • a bit soapy
  • plasticky – like a new carpet smell
  • soapy flavour is first & foremost – tastes like the smell of a cheap thin motel wafer soap


  • started coming on slowly as soon as the bowl was finished
  • seems pretty decent & chill
  • got pretty damn strong within about 10min – very cerebral
  • has a deep chesty feeling that you taste & feel when you breathe – in a good way
  • not the longest lasting – roughly 1hr

Light Coloured Ash

Reviewed June 2, 2020

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