I saw these BrightBay Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners on Kush Stations website a while back and decided to give them a shot.

They were under $5 which isn’t too expensive but still about twice the price of a dollar store craft style pipe cleaner.

Only one pipe cleaner was used during this test; I had a slightly dirty glass hash pipe that needed to be cleaned.

99% isopropyl alcohol was the only solvent used.

I really like these pipe cleaners, they work fantastically well. They’re made of cotton and the little red bits are hard plastic fibers that do really nice scrubbing.

The wire in the pipe cleaner is sturdy enough to retain shape but not so strong that it will break your glass when poking around (unless you’re really clumsy)

It took almost no effort to clean this pipe – granted it wasn’t very dirty – however these pipe cleaners easily reached spots that I’ve always had big troubles with in the past and it made cleaning this pipe really simple.

End Results
Minimal Isopropyl Used
Dirty Looking Spots Are Torched On & Will Not Come Clean

Reviewed June 2, 2020

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