Bud Edibles Variety Pack From Buy My Bud – 6/10


  • smells awesome & fruity
  • like a fruit punch slushy drink


  • mylar bag – somewhat medical looking sticker attached
  • see-thru lets you see all the candies
  • candies look professionally made
  • just look like average run of the mill gummies
  • each gummy is 25mg of THC

See-Thru Package


  • I did not roll these – I simply ate them. If you or anyone you know smokes gummies, please let me know.

The Contents Of The Bag


  • they all taste just like their store bought non-thc variety equivalents
  • there is a bitter taste that accompanies the candies
  • bitter taste does linger afterwards but not too bad


eaten on empty stomach but had been puffing all morning

1:20pm – ate 4 candies – for a total of 100mg of THC

1:35pm – ate egg & cheese english muffin

2:03pm – feeling decently stoned

2:45pm – not feeling much & wondering if 2:03pm was just from smoking earlier in the day

3:00pm – ate ALL of the rest of the candy (another 150mg of THC)

3:45pm – not feeling much still so I smoked 2 smaller bowls of dry Cactus Breath

4:52pm – starting to feel pretty frickin wrecked – spaced right out

5:30pm – ate a chicken salad sandwich & high literally vanished …

Started With These 4 Gummies

Reviewed May 29, 2020

Bud Edibles – Variety Pack is cannabis-infused treats & candies with assorted flavors that come with great health benefits. They take your childhood favorites with a little twist.  Each candy is carefully infused with 25 mg of THC.  Each package contains 10 candies with a total of 250 mg each bag.
Consuming Bud Edibles – Variety Pack will leave you with a soothing body stone which is great for reducing anxiety, pain relief, stress relief, insomnia, inflammation, nausea & much much more. It will bring you to a state of euphoria if you wait a little longer.

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