Pink Death From Buy My Bud – 6.5/10


  • plastic greasy drywall
  • dusty
  • gassy/diesely
  • touch of the acrid kush nasal pinch


  • decently manicured little popcorn nugs
  • frosty mint green w/ orangey/brown hairs
  • medium density
  • very slight hint of stickiness


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up OK but left large amounts of crystal & some bud in grinder
  • rolled really nicely – great texture & consistency
  • ash is whiter grey but holds its own when poked – has a bit of chunkiness to it

Busted Up Nicely


  • stale pine
  • very very bitter
  • somewhat sour
  • tastes chalky & earthy
  • coughy – extremely coughy but not harsh, just a throat tickle
  • numbs my lips & tongue
  • unbelievably bitter – too much

Little Nugs


  • started feeling it during last half of the J
  • full head/body buzz but not super strong
  • seems just sort of mid-range type of high
  • definitely feeling it but not smacked down by any means
  • feels like this would be a good one to puff when you have stuff to do and don’t want to get raked

Whiter Grey Ash Holds Its Own When Poked

Reviewed May 25, 2020 buy my bud, flower, reviews

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