Mercedes Hash From Tegridy Farms Cannabis – 7/10


  • spicy – almost minty
  • smells like old leather – kind of like old leather seats in a cigarette smokers hot car
  • somehow has a weird freshness to it but in like a clean horse kind of fresh


  • chunkified – arrived in what looks to be hand ripped pieces
  • no evidence of knife cuts or scissors being used
  • two larger chunks have flat top & bottom which shows the slab was roughly 3/4 of an inch thick
  • can see visible layers in the larger chunks – sort of like slate
  • mostly blackish w/ some green tinge
  • not really putty – somewhat malleable but mostly just crumbles
  • ash is solid – like hard even when you poke it, really does not want to break down

Pretty Chunkified


  • I choose to test my hash in a glass pipe

Small Chunk In The Pipe


  • like chocolate & cracker jack
  • kind of stale
  • almost has the taste of freezer burnt fish
  • sawdusty
  • chemically like plastic or rubber


  • takes a while to smoke a bowl and I didn’t feel it until after I was finished
  • started off very low & mellow
  • sneaks up on you after a few minutes, just when you’re about to go “ok… this is it?” – WHAM!
  • very cerebral & yet mellow
  • much more potent than the average bowl of flower
  • sits heavy in the chest and has a deep throaty feeling
  • also feel it a fair amount in the neck & shoulders
  • gives a bit of surreal type vision
  • doesn’t last very long – less than an hour

Burns OK & Leaves Solid Hard Ash

Reviewed May 23, 2020

MERCEDES Hash is produced in BC naturally, with no solvents, and made from sugar leaf, ice and extracted water. Very pure and potent.The texture of this alluring Afghan Hash is moist and slightly sticky; perfect for rolling or crumbling on top of a bong. When inhaled, this sticky rubbed hash fills your lungs with an earthy, resinous smoke and once exhaled leaves a soft and pleasant aftertaste. A perfect addition to a joint or on it’s own in a bowl. The high is light and talkative.Hashish has been consumed for many centuries; first in Egypt, spreading outwards throughout the old world. The first consumers of hashish ate it as an edible because smoking wasn’t popularized until the 16th century with the introduction of tobacco.

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