CannaBuddah From MailBox Marijuana (in brownie form)

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CannaBuddah Brownies

I can’t fault the product for tasting the way it does, I guess it’s an acquired taste similar to escargot or caviar. Personally though – I hate the taste of this CannaBuddah stuff.

After trying this cannabis infused butter on toast and in pasta, it was very clear that in order for me to be able to consume the remaining amount, I needed to heavily mask the taste.

So I made brownies.

Melting The CannaBuddah With Leftover Easter Chocolate

To be quite honest, the brownies reeked and tasted like the CannaBuddah as well. My house stank like I just smoked a big fat reefer and my landlord came by while they were cooling and had an interesting look on his face but didn’t say anything.

I couldn’t resist and ate two right away – I had been smoking all day and it was later in the afternoon/early evening – really I wasn’t paying attention to the effects this time.

Cooled Brownies

The CannaBuddah brownies were cut up and bagged, some were frozen for friends and the rest were put in a ziploc in the fridge.

Two days later I ate 2.75 brownies (shut up) at 7:50pm after smoking all day long.

I noticed the smell of the weed from the CannaBuddah as soon as I opened the bag and thought there’s no way I could pass these off to an unsuspecting passerby.

The taste was (aside from brownie) kind of minty at first and then sort of spicy and dirty. I would imagine if you fed this to someone without them somehow smelling it first, they would think you made a really shitty minty brownie and accidentally dropped it in the dirt on the way over which is why you asked them to cover their eyes to try it in the first place.

Love + Organic CannaBuddah

As far as effects go, I felt a little woobly in my body after about 30min – definitely would not have wanted to be operating heavy machinery that’s for damn sure. Then I started to get the grins. It pretty much stayed at this level until I went to bed around 10pm.

I slept better than usual – a little more soundly but woke up feeling fairly baked but with a decent headache.

Honestly I wouldn’t purchase this stuff again. It’s not my cup of tea. I don’t want to hate on it though because it does do the job and some people absolutely love the flavour.

As a side note, one of my friends who is not a smoker anymore happened to try one quarter of one piece and got absolutely completely wrecked. Like unable to coherently put together a sentence type wrecked. So really YMMV with this stuff.

Square Cut

Reviewed May 21, 2020

The recipe I used before anyone asks:

I just made this up – Don’t shoot me if yours sucks, mine was pretty decent.

?? amount of leftover Easter chocolate (about 1 small 100g solid bunny)
?? amount of remaining CannaBuddah (100ml minus 2-4tsp)
perhaps 1 Tbsp of white sugar (my chocolate was milk & white – use more sugar if yours is dark)
1 egg
maybe 1/2 Cup flour
maybe 1.5 tsp Baking Powder
Splash of Vanilla

I melted the CannaBuddah and chocolate and sugar in a double boiler and then beat the egg and tempered it in.
Then I added a splash of vanilla
I mixed about a tablespoon of baking powder with a cup of flour and started to mix that into the chocolate but only used about half of it
The resulting batter was thick like gingerbread so I buttered and floured a square baking dish and squished the dough in
Baked at 250F for beats me how long – I didn’t want to burn it so I put the timer on 15min increments and kept checking til it looked done.
Cool thoroughly – then cut. baked, homegrown, mailbox marijuana, reviews

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