Sour Tangie From Just Cannabis – 7/10


  • wood
  • sour milk
  • rotting logs/leaves
  • sort of like mango or pineapple
  • earthy
  • smells piney/skunky after busting


  • very sparkly – almost white from all the trichomes
  • minty green w/ very orange stigmas
  • mostly denser buds, but some scraggly lookin guys
  • decent manicure
  • mildly sticky

A Mix Of Buds


  • RAW single wide w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up really nicely – good texture and consistent size
  • left an average amount of crystal in the grinder
  • rolled very easily – nice & tight

Very Sparkly Inside & Out


  • piney
  • like potatoes
  • a bit floral
  • woody
  • sort of has an ozone taste… ??? like dasani water
  • gets bitter & harsh near the end of the J


  • noticed it towards the end of the J
  • starts off pretty light
  • low cerebral high
  • seems to have gotten rid of the headache I woke up with (see CannaBuddah Brownies)
  • doesn’t seem very strong

Medium Grey Ash – Very Soft Texture

Side Notes:

I’m 99% sure this stuff is not Sour Tangie. I mean, I’m no expert botanist or anything but Sour Tangie is one of my favourite strains. So much so that I will occasionally go out of my way to go to a local dispensary and buy a jar produced by a big LP because of how great the smell and taste is.

If you check my page about JC, you’ll see that I said I was 100% sure. Well since sitting in a jar this stuff has gained a bit of a sour smell. Not sour like the Sour Diesel in Sour Tangie but rather sour like sour milk. So its taken my 100% certainty and dropped it down one point.

This is good weed but if it’s Sour Tangie then I think the grower fucked something up royally.

Also – I’m pretty sure the CannaBuddah brownies were in my system when I did this test so it didn’t come across as potent as I’m sure it is – I smoked this stuff a few days before the test and it got me pretty wrecked. flower, just cannabis, reviews

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