Moroccan Hash From Buy My Bud – 8/10


  • spice
  • sweet chocolate
  • horse manure
  • earthy/dirty
  • very much like a barn

Smoked In A Glass Pipe


  • brownish solid square cut chunk
  • looks greenish under some light and reddish under other light
  • seems to be consistent colour and texture all the way through – not striped & no mixed layers
  • malleable – fairly soft but not overly putty
  • ash is medium grey – relatively solid

Reddish Colour Under Some Light Sources


  • this was not rolled – a glass pipe was used

Somewhat Greener In This Shot


  • earthy
  • spicy – sort of like incense or cologne
  • perfumey
  • a touch soapy
  • chocolate
  • sweet fermented type flavour


  • started to feel about 1/2 way through the bowl
  • mellow but potent
  • kicked right up immediately after finishing the bowl
  • cerebral AF
  • feeling really chill
  • got a face/neck buzz & feel it spreading out to the rest of the body
  • ~2hrs in and still feeling it just as strong

Leaves Behind Solid Grey Ash

Reviewed May 20, 2020

Moroccan Hash is known to be one of the best hashes in the world.

It is an extracted product from cannabis plants that is composed of compressed or purified preparations of stalked resin glands, called trichomes.

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