Klear Kryptonite Glass Cleaner – 9.75/10

Klear Kryptonite Glass Cleaner Review

I saw this stuff listed for sale on Kush Station‘s website and since my glass was filthy and it’s nearly impossible to find isopropyl alcohol around here right now, I figured that it would be worth trying.

The little tiny 2oz bottle was listed (by Klear Kryptonite on their own website) as being capable of cleaning 4 bongs.

That seems like a huge mistake but I wanted to find out.

15 Inch Glass Bong With Extra Bowl & Glass Pipe

My glass bong is 15 inches tall and has an added ash catcher and glass extension piece on it. Perhaps a little larger than the average bong but by no means is it a giant.

When I read that 2oz of KK can clean 4 bongs, I pictured in my mind roughly 12 inch bongs – the $30 jobbies you get at a cheap headshop.

I Was Hoping To Clean These As Well – But No

This cleaner works fantastically well. I was absolutely blown away by how well it works.

You can watch it melt the resin off of your glass.

Watch It Melt The Resin Off

What you’re supposed to do is spurt the green goop inside your glass and make sure it coats everywhere. Swirl it around and shake it (careful not to drop your precious piece)

Pour the excess cleaner from your bong into a bag that contains your extra glass pieces (stem, bowls, etc.)

Then wait 30min or so.

Rinse under some tap water and you’ve got yourself a sparkly new looking piece of glass.

It’s really that easy.

Put Your Glass Bits In A Bag & Pour The Excess Klear Kryptonite From Your Bong To The Bag

This cleaner is extremely thick and viscous which is a huge reason why I was barely able to get 2/3 of my glass clean.

What it cleaned, it cleaned fantastically well and required very minimal effort on my part to get amazing results.

I would purchase a much larger bottle in the future because 2oz just isn’t enough for my needs.

Could Have Used More Than 2oz

There were a few spots with some dark resin still left on my pieces but very minimal and I didn’t scrub anything at all, just let the cleaner do its work.

It does specify on the bottle to repeat if necessary and I absolutely would have – if I had more than 2oz.

Ready To Puff

I absolutely will purchase this product again.

It has a minty smell and zero grit. Its safe on your hands and removes all of the resin smell entirely – I cannot stress how nice that is. Resin stinks!

A few tight nooks and crannies in some glass areas needed assistance so I turned to BrightBay Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners.

These Are Excellent For Tight Nooks & Crannies

One thing that I noticed is that as great as the cleaner is, it doesn’t seem to do anything about burnt on bits. My pipe has burnt on resin that wouldn’t come off and one of my glass bowls is black – not resin black but lighter soot or burnt resin black and this stuff won’t touch that at all.

The Glass Pipe

If you’re looking for a glass cleaner, I cannot recommend this Klear Kryptonite enough – normally I turn to isopropyl & salt which works fantastically well too but I honestly think this stuff works better.

Sparkle Sparkle

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