Starburst #10 From MailBox Marijuana – 8/10


  • sweet earth
  • fruit
  • dryer lint
  • spicy peppers
  • plastic – somewhat new carpet smell
  • smells like scotch tape


  • flattened right on down (shipped in a bubble mailer)
  • very very orangey from all of the bright stigmas
  • looks a bit shaggy & fluffy
  • not dense
  • manicure is probably about as good as it could be for shaggy looking buds
  • relatively dry but a hint of stickiness

Darker Grey Ash With Fine Texture


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up nicely – minimal leftover in grinder
  • the dry fluffiness made it tricky to roll – just wanted to fall out & not roll up
  • ash is darker grey & has a fine texture

The Mylar Bag Is Actually Sealed – Tear To Open


  • like burning paper
  • harsh
  • somewhat milky
  • touch of sweet chlorophyll
  • gets a bit fruity towards the end
  • almost pinapple – or like fruit scented air fresheners
  • caramel aftertaste – heavy caramel mmmmm


  • started feeling it roughly 1/2 way into the doob
  • mostly in the head but also in the chest a fair amount
  • feel energetic, up-beat, euphoric even
  • ~30min later and effects have only intensified

Oh So Flat

Reviewed May 12, 2020

The buds on Starburst #10 are soft, with a subtle citrus smell and taste, and the green buds pop against the intense orange hairs. It’s a well-balanced hybrid, making it ideal for daytime or nighttime use; it gives you a burst of energy, but also relaxes you mentally and physically.

50% Sativa ~ 50% Indica

BC Craft Cannabis

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