• berries
  • fermented fruit
  • wine
  • wine gums
  • earthy
  • smells a lot like strawberry diesel strain
  • touch of greasy/diesel smell
  • lightly musty


  • extremely small little popcorny type buds
  • kinda looks shwaggy with an incredible amount of trichomes
  • very very sparkly w/ crystal
  • hard to say about manicure since these are little pea sized nubs – but a little leafy
  • hints of purple in the bud – shows up more once busted up
  • quite dry – hints of previous stickiness

Front & Back Of The Sealed Mylar Bag


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up OK but really really stemmy
  • normal amount of dust left in grinder
  • extremely difficult to roll due to dryness and all the little twiggy stems
  • burns a really really long time
  • ash is darker grey outside & lighter grey inside – very fine texture

A Bitch To Roll


  • fermented fruit/wine
  • very interesting floral taste
  • fruity/berries
  • kind of bitter
  • numbs my lips and tip of my tongue
  • very coughy throughout the whole joint but only got harsh near the end

Looks Kind Of Shwaggy


  • very very potent and hits really fast
  • extremely cerebral
  • feeling squinty – red-eyed & messed right up – wow!
  • this is giving me by far the highest high I’ve had in a long time
  • lasts a long time – lost track of time for about 2hrs or so

Burns Forever

Reviewed May 15, 2020

The love child of Kish and God Bud, Nuken provides a long-lasting, relaxing buzz without the couch-lock. It’s sweet, earthy aroma will leave you feeling happy and is perfect for anyone with chronic pain or stress. Get ready for a spine-tingling body buzz followed by deep introspection.

18.56% THC18.56% THC (lab tested)
80% Indica ~ 20% Sativa
100% Organic
No Chemicals or Pesticides
Grown in Living Soil
Produced in Small Batches
BC Craft Cannabis

MailBox Marijuana Website

Nuken by Love + Organic Farms THC Lab Test Results PDF

Love + Organic Farms PESTICIDE Lab Test Results PDF dank, flower, mailbox marijuana, reviews

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