CannaBuddah – Cannabis Infused Butter

I saw this product on the Mailbox Marijuana website during their 420 sale and figured it would be worth checking out while the sale was going on.

I’m not really much of an edible person but this is something that I just don’t see very often, so I went ahead and added one in with my GoPostal Welcome Pack.

The CannaBuddah arrived taped up in bubble wrap and included inside the standard Canada Post bubble mailer pack with the other items. Personally I would have preferred a box when sending glass items but it did arrive intact and undamaged aside from a small dent on the metal ring lid.

Edibles are harder to test and review based on a number of different factors but mostly because everyone has a different tolerance level and our bodies will metabolize at different rates, etc.

That being said, I do my best to review edibles in an honest & unbiased way and I try them multiple times to ensure that there aren’t other varying factors at play when trying to determine the effects.

Tastes As Good As It Looks…


  • smells like straw/hay
  • a bit of sourness from the butter
  • somewhat musty


  • nice small mason jar – cool & reusable
  • trendy brown label attached to the top gives it a homemade organic look
  • baby diarrhea green colour
  • very little separation
  • looks gritty, but isn’t

Very Little Separation


  • have fun with that..

Bottom Of The Jar


  • ate two sunflower & flax toast & unknown quantity of cannabuttah (maybe 1-2tsp?)
  • tastes absolutely fucking awful
  • like mildewy rancid butter
  • really really horrible tasting
  • slightly dirty hay
  • when you go to a zoo and smell the animal poop mixed with the straw on the ground getting all damp and rotting… well this stuff tastes like that smell


  • started feeling it about 20min in
  • feeling slightly woozy & out of it
  • somewhat numb
  • nose is getting really cold
  • 1hr in & still feeling the same – just with extra cold nose & feet
  • 2hrs in & no change

All of the above was reviewed on one day and on another day I tried the CannaBuddah again but this time on pasta.

I was really hungry when I made the pasta so I didn’t stop to take pictures but it was just some spiral pasta with CannaBuddah and garlic & herb spice mix & a bit of sausage mixed in.

The garlic & herb spice mix and the sausage did a fairly OK job of covering up the taste of the CannaBuddah but it was still god awful and extremely difficult to choke down.

I felt nothing off of this except a pretty decent head & stomach ache which was really disappointing.

Looks Gritty – But Isn’t

I can’t really give a rating to this product at this time – It does little for me and tastes beyond disgusting so I want to give it a big fat zero but I don’t think that’s very fair.

What I think I’ll end up doing is baking some sort of cake & icing or brownies.. something to really cover up the taste of this stuff.

Reviewed May 9th & 12th, 2020

CANNABUDDAH by Love + Oganic Farms

Love + Organic CannaBuddah is lovingly crafted in small batches using 100% organic grass-fed butter and LOTS of carefully decarboxylated 100% Love + Organic marijuana.

The result is an incredibly clean tasting, highly potent butter you can use anywhere you’d use oil or butter.

Love + Organic CannaBuddah is packaged in glass mason jars in order to preserve taste and potency. Glass is also better for the environment, and you can reuse them as stash jars!

Please store your CannaBuddah in the fridge or freezer to maintain longevity and potency.

**SHIPPING NOTE: CannaBuddah is kept frozen until the moment we ship it out. During warmer months, the buddah may melt by the time it arrives at your door. Please put it in your fridge or freezer immediately

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