$99 Starter Kit Plus From Buy My Bud

I ordered a Starter Kit Plus from Buy My Bud April 29th and received my package May 4th. Very fast processing & shipping times.

The $99 Starter Kit Plus contains all the items that the standard $50 Starter Kit includes plus more.

I received the following items:

The package arrived in a white cardboard box that was slipped inside a Canada Post mailer bag and all items were vacuum sealed to prevent any scent from escaping. Very discrete.

Great Value

The $50 Starter Kit includes all the same items with the exception of the hash, kief and shatter and Bio Stix one hitter.

The $50 Starter Kit Comes In A Fancy Bag & Is Identical To Budem’s

Head over to Buy My Bud to get your Starter Kit today!

Discrete Packaging & Amazing Deal

Trying us out for the first time? Buy this welcome kit for a variety of products to see if you actually like us!
Starter Kit Plus Size contains:

4 strains of cannabis (1 gram each)
1 Pack variety pack gummies (10 pieces)
1 Pack Raw Rolling Papers
1 Pack Raw Filter Tips
1 Acrylic Grinder
1 Small BIC lighter
1 BMB Thunder Joint
1 Glass BIOSTICK one hitter
1 Gram Moroccan Hash
1 Gram Lit Extracts Shatter
3.5 Grams Premium Kief

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