Sugar Pine From Kush Station – 6/10 if you want to get high – 8.5/10 if you want to alleviate pain


  • plastic
  • pine
  • cat pee
  • very strong new carpet smell
  • somewhat bbq smelling – like the smokey heat type of smell


  • extremely frosted in trichomes
  • could be manicured better but they are very small nubs
  • mostly white/minty green w/ some dark green leaves here and there
  • brown/orange stigmas don’t stand out against the bud much – little contrast
  • not sticky – very dry

Hard To Roll Dry Bud


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • bused OK – very dry
  • left a fair amount of crystal in grinder
  • hard to roll because it’s so dry
  • ash is lighter grey & very slightly gritty

Sugar Pine


  • sweet
  • earthy
  • like the smell of stale piss
  • campfire/bacon
  • woody


  • noticed it shortly after finishing the J
  • started off fairly light
  • encompasses the whole body
  • seems to alleviate pain fairly well
  • stays really light feeling

Extremely Frosted

Reviewed April 27, 2020

Sugar Pine Overview

Feelings/Effects: Uplifted, Creative, Euphoric, Happy
Flavours: Herbal, Pine, Pungent, Sweet
Medical: May help with Stress, Depression, Pain

This hybrid strain is a rare strain that leans slightly more on the sativa side. It is said by many that it was created by crossing a combination of strains: Skunk x Sweetie x Afgani x Sugar Bash. Although some debate whether these are the exact strains that are part of its heritage, what is not up for debate is how lovely this strain is for its uplifting effects. This has a similar bud structure as the Kosher Dream, which many loved as well!

Users of Sugar Pine in the marijuana community have raved about the uplifting effects of this hybrid. Loved by many who are looking for a nice creative boost. Users have said that they feel very uplifted and happy, resulting in an eagerness to accomplish whatever task they set their minds to. Although you’ll feel a creative boost, you’ll also feel very relaxed as well. Your mental space will be stress-free and calm. If you’re an artist looking to create, this might just give you that boost of inspiration that you needed! However, the come down may result in couch lock for the novice users, as the indica effects will start to take over. That might not be a bad thing, since you will feel very at ease and relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep afterwards. This strain is flexible, with some smoking during the day and at night.
Medical Effects

Users in the medical marijuana community have reported that this is a great strain to alleviate stress, depression and minor pain. Thanks to the uplifting and euphoric effects of Sugar Pine, users have reported that they feel a lot less stressed and in better spirits. This helped them combat depression. Minor aches and pains will no longer be noticeable as well and users reported feeling a lot more comfortable.

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