West Coast Diesel From BulkBuddy – 9/10


  • orange/citrus – like an orange based cleaner
  • touch of chemical pine – like pinesol
  • very very chemically smelling
  • strong notes of floral & pine
  • absolutely NO GAS/DIESEL smell whatsoever


  • well manicured tight/dense buds
  • good covering of trichomes
  • some sparkle but more of a greyish look due to all the crystal
  • very fine brownish hairs
  • mildly sticky

Mildly Sticky


  • RAW Single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up really nice, not too fine or chunky
  • very little remains in grinder
  • texture & moisture content made this a pleasure to roll
  • trichomes stayed with the bud – very little falling off
  • darker coloured ash but has a very fine & soft texture


  • before lighting there is a citrusy/gassy kind of taste
  • after lighting it was somewhat like a vehicle exhaust
  • clean burning fuel taste
  • somewhat cedary
  • hints of pine
  • touch of house paint taste
  • somewhat sweet
  • harsher than most, more coughing than usual

A Pleasure To Roll


  • hit me 1/2 way into the joint
  • seems like a real heavy hitter
  • full on head/body high
  • feeling really wrecked even after 1hr later
  • did not get couch-locked, just really stoned & still active

Reviewed April 6, 2020

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