BulkBuddy – 1oz in 8 different 1/8ths.

I placed an order with BulkBuddy for 1oz which consisted of 8 different strains.

The stains that I received are:

My order was placed March 24, 2020 and received March 30th.
BulkBuddy processed my order quickly and sent me shipping notification the day after I placed the order.
Included in the package was a red Clipper brand reusable lighter and a pack of Elements brand filter tips.

My package was vacuum sealed and placed inside a cardboard box which was then placed inside a Canada Post mailer bag.
It arrived in good condition with no smell or damage or delays.

There was one and a half coffee beans located inside the cardboard box.

I will post my reviews of each stain as time allows.

My experience with BulkBuddy was positive, and I enjoyed the variety of strains that I received.

I would not hesitate to recommend this MoM to anyone who is interested in trying out a number of strains without breaking the bank.

There is no better way of knowing what strain best suits you other than physically looking and trying out the cannabis products yourself and we at bulk buddy get that! This is why we created this sample pack Ounce which consists of 8 x 3.5gs of different strains!

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