BlueFin Tuna Kush from BulkBuddy – 7/10


  • very acrid
  • has the nasal pinch
  • sour w/ bit of fishy smell
  • earthy – like a dank forest after a rain
  • touch of diesel/gas


  • very tight & dense
  • overall blueish tinge w/ orange/brown hairs
  • frosted w/ trichomes but does not glisten or sparkle
  • manicured very well
  • very sticky

RAW Single Wide w/ Smaller Filter Tip


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up chunky due to stickiness
  • normal stick in the grinder – not too much left over
  • moisture content is perfect & facilitated in easy rolling
  • ash is darker grey but very soft and fluffy texture


  • clean – kind of like a household cleanser product
  • somewhat astringent
  • sort of pine resiny
  • earthy in a sour way – similar to the scent of a fresh turnip
  • nice light earthy aftertaste
  • does NOT taste like fish

Sticky Buds


  • started off light in the head
  • feel more clear-headed than before
  • vision seems sharper & more focused
  • moderate stone but nice pick-me-up
  • don’t really feel baked from this, there is a high but its fairly minimal

Reviewed April 1, 2020 bulk buddy, flower, reviews

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